Was Good So Far

I was detected with multiple sclerosis at the age of 46. It was a routine eye checkup and the ophthalmologist asked for an MRI of the brain and spine. After a look at the report, he recommended that I see a neurologist.

Early detection

The neurologist asked me not to worry as it was an early detection. He told me to continue working. He kept me on one tablet for the next 15 years with an MRI done every two years. I had no obvious symptoms. Then I started dragging my left leg. I started getting spasms at random. Then my headaches began. I continued to work. Slowly fatigue set in.

My brother who I was living with, became an alcoholic. Stress started to build. Five years ago I decided to quit work. Yet the only tell-tale symptom was dragging my left leg. Four years ago the MRI revealed further demyelination. I was prescribed a daily injection of Copaxone. I was not very regular with my injections. I started getting spasms in both legs and arms. I could not travel. Incontinence began bothering me.

Fear and stress

Stress and fatigue affected my mobility tremendously. My outings became fewer and short. Yet I could move out alone. I have had two falls during the last 6 months and lost confidence in moving out alone. Now I am on a 6 monthly intravenous injection. Depressed and dejected as I have lost my independence. Walking around in the house seems like climbing a mountain. I continue living in fear of being immobilized. I am stressed out.

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