They Told Me It Was Rare (I Can Barely Stand the Pain)

Last updated: February 2020

First, sorry about the spelling, I'll do my best. I am trying to outrun my harsher symptoms. My third opinion, in 2007, was from an MS specialist in a "learning" hospital in Philadelphia, an almost 3-hour drive, in 07. (I live in Jersey, yea, that Jersey, LOL). Now I can barely drive 45 minutes.

I was brought up hardcore blue collar (oh yea I'm 50 years old) meaning that if you had sniffles, fever, migraine, stitches, or even an out of the way break, you went to work, so I never even knew I had RELAPSING MS. I went right to full-blown, I'm screwed, 24 7 365, 20 percentile, rare MS.

Massive vertigo problems

My symptoms are many. I'll bore you with what I can list at the moment. I am starting to have spasms so I'll do my best, which is one of the worst BTW hehe. Let's see, I have 0 motor skills on my left side which also has a bunch of spasticity issues - fun. I constantly fall, massive vertigo problems, I don't black out, just fall into walls, floor, pavement, concrete, plate glass (the most fun LOL), well everything.

The pain is by far at the top of the list of ouch. I have read and heard of people who had to fake and "tough it out" to get through times as they hung out with their friends, so their friends would not think they were weak. I'm sorry but what kind of friends are they? But I had them I ain't going there!

The pain I go through on a daily basis

Anyway, I pray for each and every one of you guys. I also pray you never have to go through the pain I have to deal with on a daily basis. Screw going out, I can't walk, my pain as of now is 90% in my right foot and I mean inside my right foot, at least that's where it feels to be, and there is no 1 to 10 scale lol. I wish it were that simple. It feels like a red hot knife with teeth trying to chew its way out of the bottom of my foot, and my hand feels like it is on fire. Thank God this pain only lasts about an hour however, the part that pushes me to want to tear my skin off - that's all day, and it's horrible and hard to explain.

The use of my entire body went at the age of 37. I was very active until that point - paintball, trucks, cars, boats, bikes, fishing (freshwater), ATVs, all types of a/v and DC. When I could not play anymore, all but one of my "friends" were gone. Very gone. Wouldn't even answer their phones. I DON'T NEED THEM. I have the Lord and lots of walls, glass, pavement, concrete and other stuff that's always there for me when I fall LMAO.

OK, I gotta split. Hope someone reads this but based on the years of the posts I doubt it. Damn, I'll be reading forever, there's a lot. Yeah, so God bless, see ya later.

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