I have suffered for several years with undiagnosed problems; it all started with me collapsing in Sept. 2008. I was unable to speak for several hours, the doctors found 6 lesions in on the left side in the white matter of my brain.

Next came blurry vision, double vision, speech impediment, constant headaches, constant dizziness, fatigue and atrophy in my legs and arms.

I've seen several neurologist, including the leading head of MS in GA; he stated that I have several symptoms of MS, but didn't want to label me as having MS due to the stigma is associated with MS. I finally received disability thanks to one of their doctors stating that he was 52% sure that I had MS.

Unfortunately, since losing my job in 2007, I've been unable to obtain insurance, except for a short stent on Medicaid and Medicare won't kick in until July 2014.

My symptoms have progressively gotten worse, there are days/weeks when I can't speak except one symbol words, so dizzy that I don't want to stand much less walk, so fatigued that the simplest task wears me out.

If there is anyone out there that can help me with a possible diagnosis or information regarding insurance for precondition or undiagnosed medical conditions it would be greatly appreciated.

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