Quick Progression?

My neurologist feels I had a CIS in 2001. I was not diagnosed with this way back then, I was just dismissed by an emergency room as an anomaly. I had very few symptoms over the next 8 years, and the ones I did have were not connected by time- I would have electric shocks only in my head over a period of several weeks, then they were gone, I would be dizzy for a week, etc...

In 2004 I developed an increasing issue with constipation. This grew to be so bad that eventually it would be 2 weeks between BM's and then only with enemas. In 2005 I had a sub-total colectomy (complete large intestine removal). During the year 2005 I was prescribed a depression medication that resulted in Tartive Diskenesia (or so they thought). The medication was immediately discontinued. MS story Then, in 2009, I asked my PC if this condition could progress so many years after. He said no and referred me to a local neuro. I had a spinal tap (showed the banding), an EVP (results were abnormal) and an MRI (unidentifiable abnormality). She sent me to the MS "specialist" who diagnosed me as having psychosomatic symptoms. (I was FAKING MS??)

Eventually I was seen by a REAL MS specialist at a teaching hospital. He read my MRI, and then ordered another one at his facility. I was diagnosed with MS in May, 2010. In October of 2010, I was nicely asked to "take advantage of the company benefits" in the form of STD, then LTD. (I was working in the accounting department of a very lucrative company, so I understood completely even though I was devastated). I spent 2 years hating everyone that didn't have my disease. I hated other women that could wear high heels, joggers, people running up staircases, etc...I even hated God for giving me the disease. Then I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. In 2012, I began attending church and became a Christian, asking the Lord for help and discovering that He didn't "give" me any disease. He has changed my life.

Unfortunately, my disease has been progressing rather quickly, I think. I walk with a cane (I have for 2 years), and the neuropathy (absolute burning sensations, mostly) extends up the entire left side of my back in addition to my feet. My back is in complete spasm all the time. I have random pains throughout my body. My left hand is losing the ability to hold things due to weakness. Two days ago my right hand developed numbness. My left leg has always been my "bad" leg, but now the right one is getting "bad" as well. There are lots of urinary issues, a few bowel issues, and fatigue, fatigue, fatigue. I have sleep issues. Spasticity issues seem to worsen weekly, now even affecting my face.

I see my neuro next month, and I have to say, I am frightened of baclofen pumps. I am on Gilenya and he wants me on BG-12 when approved.

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