Why Are We Being So Quiet About MS?

Are we being too quiet about MS? Is MS getting its fair share of the spotlight? Maybe we need to get loud? Maybe we need to create a whole lot of noise!?

Dissecting my frustrations

I have been taught to look at and sometimes even dissect some of the frustrations that come my way from living with MS. I find that pulling these frustrations apart, looking at them instead of walking around them, gives me the opportunity to try and, at the least, understand the frustration.

Last night a commercial on the TV frustrated me. It was a good commercial and for a very important topic.

A frustrating commercial on TV

Why did I get frustrated at this commercial? It is for a noble cause and the people behind it are doing an absolutely fantastic job.

But the thing they are putting all of their passion and energy into cannot even speak.

The two guys in the add (Alex & Andrew) embarked on are very important mission and have pulled off something that is incredible.

Was I just having an MS moment?

But what they are saving has no heartbeat, nor a brain, nor does it have beautiful children, and like I mentioned it cannot even speak...

Was I just having an "MS - why me?" moment or is there something that needs to be said?

I want you to watch the commercial and understand why I was frustrated. Before you watch it, these questions might help with what I think was in my head.

The questions in my head

  1. Do you ever read or watch an article and it leaves you wishing that your MS received this much attention?
  2. Do you ever find yourself clinging to the hope in medical breakthroughs, even though we are told and we know that this is not an emotion to play with lightly?
  3. Have you came to the conclusion that living with MS and all of the other neurological disorders is very hard? And do you believe that the medical research, that is going on around the world, is very important to your life?
  4. Do you know that within our special club of people from all over the world who are living with MS, that within this group there are thousands of brilliant minds who have been involved in every type of workforce and industry?
  5. This video shows how just two people started something mega. How many people have we got? Want to start a global movement - (The add runs for 1 min). Just copy & paste (4ocean TV Commercial, 'Join the Clean Ocean Movement')


    My frustration laid in the belief that if more noise was made about our diseases this could produce a movement! (Not selling bracelets.)

  6. This is the most important question: Is it at all feasible to suggest that if researchers had all the resources they need, could they find the keys to unlock MS?
  7. Who could give us the answers to question 6 and suggest the best areas for the focus of the research?
  8. Can we create a movement, and if we allow our passion to rule, how loud could we get?
  9. So how did just two guys manage to pull off this mammoth task and with great success?
  10. Is it reasonable to suggest that from within our MS club, made up of people from all over the world living with this horrible disease, we have a gene pool of creative minds with passion for the cause?

Are we equally as important as the ocean?

I wanted to float this idea to see what other people living with MS might say. Are we not at the very least, equally as important as the ocean?

In our club which is made up of people from all over the world who have MS, how much passion could we muster to promote our cause?

Maybe we could ask Alex & Andrew to be in our awareness video, that should make some of the girls happy. And in return, we will promise to walk the beaches and pick up thousands of tons of plastic if we are able to again. (I would love to walk a beach again.)

I hate MS

I know how some of my frustrations start and I know what my answers are to the questions.
I have a lot of passion because I hate MS.

How could we pull this off?!?!

So what might your answers be if someone asked you these questions?

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