My fundraising goal for the 2013 Race To Stop MS/NYC Marathon

I am probably the luckiest person alive with MS.

Let me explain. So many people spend months, and often years, going from doctor to doctor explaining pain, numbness, and many other symptoms with no relief or diagnosis. Worse yet, some doctors say it is 'all in their head".

I had one major, sudden MS attack that sent me right to my GP and then right on to some excellent neurologists who narrowed down my problem to 3 diseases. After all the best and right tests, I was diagnosed with MS in early 2007. I have been on Avonex (not promoting it) since the start with great results.

My MS has never flared up again, but I definitely have it. I have been able to continue running (my only sport) and enjoying life. I only recently came out and told my kids and other family members about my MS. I didn't tell anyone mostly because I didn't want to worry my kids. Also because I didn't want everyone hounding me with questions and "advice" about my MS.

I am happy to say that since I can run well, I joined the National MS Society's race team in the 2013 Race To Stop MS/2013 NYC Marathon. For that chance to run, I promised to raise $4,000. So far I am up to $2,500. I am asking that anyone reading this to please consider a donation. Any amount helps. Also please help spread this message around to your contacts.

I recently joined Facebook for the 1st time just to reconnect and reach people I haven't spoken to in a long time. So many old friends have shown great amount of support and I thank them all. Below is the link to the MS website where you can learn about the organization, read my updates and decide to donate. Thank you all in advance.

P.S. - I just had a cancerous tumor removed from my neck last month. I'm healed and the doctors cleared me to run the Marathon. Thanks and love to all.......!

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