My Beginning

Tuesday, March 11, 2011 I woke up to the bottom of my right foot numb. I actually had an appointment with my General Practitioner that morning, but didn’t mention it because I thought it was pinched nerve or something. I didn’t want to start all these tests when I thought it would go away.

The next day, my left foot went numb. Saturday, legs; then Sunday, my whole body excluding my head and four fingers (two on each hand) were completely numb. And it’s not a regular numb like when your foot falls asleep. It felt like my muscles and meat was number under my skin. Needless to say, Sunday I started freaking OUT!!! I was calling everyone in my family. The response I got from my mom was, “ohh, you’ll be okay, it happens to me all the time.” Let’s just say my mom has a horrible bed side manner.

Monday, I went to work, and could barely walk, with each hour it getting worse. My co-workers sent me to Pri-Med. The doctor took one look at me and left. When he came back he said, “I’m sending you right now to a neurologist. Please understand that it is very difficult to get in so soon, but I made them see you right now. Please note that I am doing this all solo. So the neurologist sent me for an MRI that afternoon and said come back at 7am the next morning.

Tuesday morning, March 14, 2011, the neurologist came in and said in a very nonchalant style, “Okay, it’s what I thought it was, you have MS. I’m not going to treat you, so don’t ask any questions. I’m sending you to someone else. Don’t read anything on the internet or visit and MS groups. Just do what your new doctors tell you and you’ll be fine. Now you’re going across the street to have a lower lumbar puncture and 5 days of chemo like steroid treatment.”

This hit me like a ton of bricks. All alone in his office, I broke down. Don’t ask any questions? Don’t read anything on the internet about MS. WHAT???? How am I supposed to know that my symptoms are normal?? How am I supposed to know anything??? Well two years later, I am soo happy that that jerk didn’t treat me. My neurologist is AMAZING; so caring and so knowledgeable.

Every day is a struggle. But through friendships and an amazing health care team, I’m here and living. I try to think I the positives, but every changes. I’m still working, hopefully for a while, but who knows.

Best wishes to those who are suffering. Please know that you are not alone, the MS community is strong.


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