My Relapse Emergency

I've had MS for 9 years. Within these nine years, I've gone through many neurologists in search of a doctor that is educated in MS to stabilize and better my way of life.

I went to the ER

I had an undiagnosed relapse April 2019 and my neurologist that was referred by the National MS Society as MS specialized, said it wasn't a relapse. Isn't that why doctors take a hypocritical oath, to apply science to help patients? Well, that was an epic fail for me! I went to the ER when the whole right side of my body went numb, head to toes. In my panic and later my anxiety the ER nurse told me that my neurologist needed to be contacted in order to get treatment.

He didn't see a relapse

After hours later with my numbness, my neurologist called and I received a 125 mg solumedrol shot and sent home to later receive an ER bill of $300+ and the nurse that only called my dr and asked me a few questions billed me $800+.... and this is with decent insurance! When I followed up with my dr he requested an MRI and when he received the results he told me that he didn't see a relapse and that he couldn't treat my remaining numbness and now pain on the right side of my head.

I got rid of all my doctors

This MRI cost me $700+ but was refunded $450 due to a billing error! My Dr, the ER and MRI facility were all UCLA associated. Then my dr told me maybe it was arthritis and to see a rheumatoid specialist. After doing that and $200+ later I did not have arthritis and again I was referred to another specialist... by this point, I had it and got rid of all my Dr's and found a new neurologist that listened to me to treat my MS.

This new doctor is a Godsend!

This was all within a month. The new MRI came out to only $75 and she saw active lesions on the right side of my brain where I was numb and in pain. After everything I went through the past month of April and May of 2019, this Dr was a Godsend to me! She left me on Copaxone and added Low Dose Naltrexone 4.5 mg and my pain went away and no more relapse as of yet. But she also said that the old brain lesions that I had became a black hole which is called medically "Axonal Loss".

Doctors need to stay updated

It saddens me to know that other people with MS go through this as well. Yes, it's an unpredictable autoimmune disease that new research every day that is showing progress but doctors need to stay updated, too.

Blessings to all! Continue the fight to end MS!

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