I am still waiting. I can't get into the neurologist till 12 October privately. I had a couple of weeks of intense increasing symptoms which prompted me to contact my GP again and we decided to try see a general physician specialist to hopefully get some tests underway. I can't see him til the 15 of September so it's still a long wait, but mentally easier to deal with than waiting til October.

I can also try to see if my health insurance will cover some tests if my GP arranges them. Normally they will only cover an MRI if requested by a specialist.

My symptoms have decreased

The happier news is that, while I do still have symptoms, they have decreased, particularly in terms of intensity, frequency, and the number of things that were all happening at once. It was really full-on and scary for a while there. I don't like the feelings I'm getting in my nerves and I am still pretty sensitive to noise but thankful things seem to be calming down a bit.

Wouldn't be surprised if I've been through a relapse

It will be interesting to see what tests reveal and if my hunch is right about all this. I wouldn't be at all surprised if I have been going through a relapse with this being the first time symptoms have increased to such an intense degree including new symptoms.

We will see.

Thanks for reading.

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