I Don't Remember

When I was a toddler my mom took me to the fairgrounds and not for the county fair. She wanted to see President John F Kennedy who paid a visit to our town. She was a big Kennedy supporter, perhaps I should say she was a fan, as many women considered him very handsome. At any rate, she brought me along that day. Of course, I don't remember that event being that I was just a tot. My memory is much better these days, though some days it is better than other days. I can thank or blame multiple sclerosis for that.

My first IV steroid treatment

You see I remember the day I had my first symptom and then the second occurrence of symptoms. I remember when my right side was paralyzed and I received my first IV steroid treatment at home and I remember my young son who was four or five at the time lying in bed next to me to keep me company during my treatment. I remember that day being ignored by my oldest child and the man who was my husband at the time who is now my ex.

But I still remember the big things

Nowadays I have been known to forget things like what I ordered from the grocery store, where I have stashed certain belongings for safekeeping LOL. But the big things I do remember. The birthdays of my children, all three of them. I remember the dates of both of my marriages and why they each ended in divorce. And most importantly I remember vowing to myself never to marry again. And there is one remembrance which I shall never ever forget and that is the loyalty of the most precious person in my life. That is my youngest daughter who is my caretaker. Yes memories can bring tears to your eyes, a beaming smile to your face and never-ending love to your heart.

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