17/01/2019 - A Day to Remember

I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis at 22 1/2 years old.

A couple of days ago (6 January 2019), I woke up with my left shoulder, arm, elbow, and my hand numb as if it was still sleeping. I waited a few minutes thinking that it would subside, but it did not.

I realized this was not normal

The next day the numbness went to my waist and hips, and the day after the feeling went to my left leg. Then I realized that it was not normal. I went to the doctor and he referred me to a neurologist. He asked me to do an MRI scan and some blood tests.

Scared speechless

I did it and the results lead to multiple sclerosis. I still remember that I was scared speechless, weak, and heartbroken. I did all of this all alone. I was so far away from my parents. I stopped my studies, and it was so hard. I was running from hospital to laboratory. I was about to lose my mind.

Starting my battle

On 17 January 2019, I was diagnosed and started my treatment. Then I called my parents to tell them the whole story. They were so shocked... I'm starting my battle against MS. I hope to be the winner at the end.

Never stop praying for an MS cure.

Sending love and strength to you all.

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