St. Louis Area Resources

I have started a website about my insights (Blog) and a resource of groups in the area and the who, where, when, and what for anyone to see at one location. I have reached out to most of the group leaders and received permission to publish their information. In the last few months, I have met some really inspiring people dealing with this disease (some for 20 + years) some are in the same time frame as me, 3-5 years diagnosis time frame. The majority of the people I have met are female, but I am still inspired by all of them.

St. Louis area resources

I have made some great contacts, and am now helping some of the group leaders with information for their areas. Let me give an example. I contacted Jim at the Tri County Group about posting his event on my site, and he sent me a newsletter he sends to his group. I updated and finally got a chance to attend his meeting. He had an awesome guest speaker that was not selling anything, but was passing along information he dealt with. The speaker was Dan Viets, and attorney from Columbia MO speaking about his insight to the new medical marijuana laws he helped draft in Missouri.

Becoming a resource for people

He explained the legal aspects of the law and how it applies to the MS community. I was impressed with his information and I reached out to the group leader in Columbia that I have not yet met in person to explain his willingness to speak out to the MS community. I told Kim about Dan the speaker from her area, and told Dan about Kim and her group. They have contacted each other and are planning a presentation to her group. That was an awesome feeling to become a resource for people in the area. I have 13 groups listed on my site, and I have already looked at expanding the area to make a resource available to as many people as possible.

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