RRMS transitioning to SPMS

I was diagnosed with RRMS in May 1987. My first attack was losing all feeling in my right leg. I had many attacks after that & suffered almost every symptom that a person can have. I always had at least one major attack every year along with vertigo, fatigue, falls, optic neuritis, paralysis, bladder issues, bowel issues, etc. I would be hospitalized & receive the massive dose of steroids which initially brought me back to nearly as I was prior to the attack. Through the years though, I noticed that I was never coming all the way back.

My last attack was in 2006. My doctor stills says I have RRMS, however I think that I have now moved into SPMS category. After my last attack I have pins & needles, prickly sensations from my knees to my feet & from my elbows to my hands. I also fell in 2008 & 2009 & broke each hip. Now I suffer from a lot of cognitive issues including foggy brain, short term memory loss & blank spaces in my mind. This is very scary to me. I'm wondering if others like myself that have had MS for many years have experienced this same thing.

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