My Sadness with MS

Last updated: June 2021

Hi. I was diagnosed with MS on October 31st 2008! I remember the time, 3:00 PM. The news hit me like I was hit by a bus I sat on the floor outside the hospital crying for hours.

MS feels like a lonely place whenever I feel tired or anxious no one can see it because all the symptoms are internal and so no one can physically see how you really feel. I feel like I spend every day lying saying I’m fine.

I miss being me the dancer who competed and danced 5-10 hours a day the person who went to yoga and pilates. I struggle with all of this and I had been dancing for 20 years.

I just feel sad like a part of me is now lost since having MS and wish there was a magic wand I could have that could bring me back to being me.

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