“…scuse me while I kiss the sky.”

Challenge: A purpose of this document is to emphasize the need for a person with MS to understand the medication that they may take for MS. The medication can offer benefits in combating MS, however it can also present unwanted side effects. For instance, I have taken various medications in this fight against MS with both benefits and unwelcome side effects.

Background: For instance, medication that I took temporarily lowered my heart rate and another gave me flulike symptoms. A different medication created unwanted anti-bodies the brain. Still another contributed to being admitted to various hospitals continuously for six months. During that time I confirmed that hospital food is not always appetizing and could compete with drywall.

I chose the title of this document from a phrase used in a song by the late Jimi Hendrix. During his time drugs were misused and misunderstood. Understand what side effects may occur. For instance a purpose of a particular medication is to mitigate muscles spasticity with a potential side effect of hallucinations.

Response: Reading the label on a medicine container is not adequate. A person must understand what is indicated on the label. To clarify, hallucinations are not just seeing something but believing that you are experiencing what is occurring in hallucination. It may result in safety concerns. I do not have hallucinations; however when it did occur briefly I, for example, mistakenly thought a contractor was painting the underside of my table with pictures.

To summarize, there are various medications for MS it is required that you and your physician select a medication that will help you fight MS. Additionally you must understand the purpose and potential side effects of the medication.

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