Seizure Disorder/Optic Neuritis

When I try to understand MS and how I have every symptom along with seizures and vision problems since the age of 2. I see why a clear diagnosis is complicated in my case some of the symptoms are caused by traumatic spinal injuries and bacterial meningitis as a child. Damaged or compressed nerve roots herniated discs advanced ddd tremors cervical & lumbar stenosis severe spinal and extremely cramping pins and needles severe pain chronic fatigue myofacial pain syndrome fibromyalgia sleep apnea sleep paralysis 50% muscle loss past 5 years loss of balance hard swallowing confusion intolerance to heat or cold. If there was a window that shattered even if you attempt to glue it back together it would never be solid glass again. Despite not having a MRI to confirm MS I have to live with exactly the same symptoms. The point of this msg is the real cost of combatting symptoms. Sleep is not, and its very hard to come by. I take gabapentin to help with nerve pain. Listen to binary beats or sleep inducing music after a not too hot shower. The most important thing is your mental state and attitude. Followed by very wholesome food free of toxins and sugars. I've found sugar to be an enemy to rejuvenating/healing the body. Avoid it. High potency vitamins and supplements help beat some of the symptoms. If u can walk again. Take short walks twice a day. Stress only makes things worse. Lastly be good to yourself. Rest a lot. No internet. No noise. The body needs to repair itself constantly with or without ms in my case. Both I believe. It cant do it on its own anymore so you have to help it mentally by believing your mind can repair some of the scar tissue and reduce the pain. Then give your body time and the nutrients to combat the chronic weakness and build up your strength again to a level you can live with. You must work at healing yourself every day. What your mind can believe and conceive your mind can achieve. It doesn't make MS symptoms magically disappear but it does make life more manageable having all the same symptoms as MS but not being diagnosed doesn't keep me from living with its debilitating symptoms. Multiple - many Sclerosis - problems to face

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