Seven Year Shocker - Doctors Without a Clue

Seven years ago, my body began falling apart. My eyes felt like there was a film across them, and I truly felt that I was going blind. My body began to ache from top to bottom, and I had headaches that were tolerable one day and intolerable the next. I went to the doctor, and they conducted MRIs of my head and neck. When the results came back, the doctor diagnosed me with Demyelination. They did not treat it; they simply doubled my pain medications and ignored the fact that I needed a Neurologist.

My memory began to lapse, and I would lose two or three days in a row. I did not remember conversations or even driving from one place to the other. I received three degrees in school with honors in each one. I worked up to my Master's degree in Education last year. This year, I started taking classes again, and I failed completely out of the program.

My medications (13 different pills 2 times a day) stopped working, and I became terrified! I changed doctors, and this one sent me straight to a Neurologist.

He prescribed 2 MRIs - one of my neck and one of my brain. The results were Demylianation caused by MS. I don't know where to go from here! My Neurologist is treating me for memory loss with an Alzheimer's disease medication, and we are trying to find a suitable treatment plan for my MS.

I deal with the pain, I pray that I won't get worse, and I dread the future for not only myself but my mom who promises to take care of me when times get bad.

I need someone to understand this with me and give me coping skills to get through it. I appreciate everyone who suffers with this horrible disease, and I pray that we all survive it.

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