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I want to share what I wrote last night. I was tired of giving this Monster my power, this was just my way of taking my power back. My hopes are that this may inspire others to find their inner strength, even if it helps just one person. God Bless and Be Well!

I have a Monster inside of me and it’s taking a toll, it may have my body but I’ll be damned if it takes my heart, love, joy and soul;

I have a Monster inside of me and it won’t let go but I’m a fighter and that’s what this Monster needs to know;

I will never give in, I will never give up hope, even when I feel I’ve reached the end of my rope;

At times it’s hard to keep at bay, but this Monster will not have its way;

I will press on and battle it every day, this Monster will see that I’ll do this my way;

You see this Monster has a name, mainly by initials it proclaims;

The name is MS so short and sweet, but believe me it’s a Big Monster to beat;

Long roads ahead of me this I know, it will loom over and will never go;

This Monster inside of me hides in the depth, but I will fight this Beast until my dying breath

Written by Donna Jordan

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