Signal of stop

Accepting yourself with all your flaws is a great achievement but accepting your illness and adapting your self is a thing of beauty is a joy forever. It's an art to behold oneself before falling victim to next chronic pain or at least a merely 0.01% lessening of pain if we learn to see our little predictors. The MS 'survivors' what I call them, instead of patients, can keenly introspect and keenly observe their patterns leading to next relapse or pain, although MS is thoroughly unpredictable.

It's a good strategy to do everything before we are trapped in symptoms but it's really dangerous. When having MS, make up your that 'slow and steady wins the race". Do one thing at a time with putting your concentration in it or making little chunk of related work and then do it otherwise all will get lost. As cognitive issues are side by side with us, so we better not over burden ourselves with everything so hasty that we end up with anxiety and stress.

Then comes house chores, do little and steady work, no need to do over push yourself. Remember, the signal of stop 'telling you to stop and take rest'. For MS lot rest is an ultimate fuel to our body as well as souls. We should develop the habit of saying 'No' wherever necessary otherwise we all can agree with the fact how we often gets trap to our own agreeableness, since MS is not an excuse but a hard core reality.

Well till my next blog hope you guys start sewing your signals of stop as I too am working on it and believe me half of the worries will end.

Love light

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