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Slip Slidin' Away

"She said a good day ain't got no rain
She said a bad day is when I lie in bed
and think of things that might have been"
-Paul Simon

We know about good days and bad days. We could write a book on it. The good days are rare and wonderful, like little glimpses of what life was like before, so we go for it. We get out, we clean and garden, shop and see friends and family. We tackle all that stuff that's been sitting in a corner, patiently waiting for a good day. And man, it feels feels so great to accomplish stuff that we used to take for granted. Stuff that we never gave a thought to. Before.

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I rearranged furniture on a recent good day. I felt like Hercules, strong and determined. I ignored the vertigo when I stood straight after lifting things I had no business lifting. I willed away the pain in my legs and gave MS my middle finger when it tried to creep into my plans. I was not going to waste my good day because I wanted it, I deserved it.

You know the end of this story before you read it. Even typing it out now is unnecessary because you know. Bad days follow good days, but sometimes it's just worth it. I miss that great feeling that that a clean house or a weeded garden gives me, so I wait for the next good day and I tell that pile of things in the corner to be patient and to try not resent the other days. The days that feel like I'm slip slidin' away.

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