MS and Progression

Last updated: September 2020

I was diagnosed with MS 10 years ago, 2010. It was invisible. No one knew about the incontinence. No one thought my poor memory or depression was anything more than ordinary stress. More than once I got lost in my own neighborhood. Familiar people became like strangers. The DMTs seemed preventative. Like I didn't really have MS at all. Not compared to my sister who has 24-hour care, and not compared to my mother who had no medicine available to her back in the 80's.

Accepting assistive devices

Two years ago I started having trouble walking. Doc switched me to new medicine. 6 months later added "the walking pill." Now I use a walker off and on, and considering a collapsible wheelchair so I am not stuck at home when someone wants to go for a walk. How does someone make peace with that? Name my assistive devices (my husband likes the names Cane and Able) hmmm. Maybe. Accept them as utilitarian and improving the quality of my life? Possibly. But what about wanting to see myself as Able? What about wanting to walk like regular folks? Well, that's where I am.

MS forced me to take excellent care of myself

I exercise, became a vegetarian, take acupuncture 2x/week, and DMTs. This is how MS has impacted me lately. It forced me to take excellent care of myself, finally. Doing all I can to slow the progression. Thanks for reading.

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