Sometimes you Just Have to Laugh

It took me several minutes and a whole ton of determination to finally reach the phone sitting on my kitchen counter top. I finally let out a sigh of relief as I had it in my grasp. Getting up on my knees took strength that I always seem to muster when necessary. Lot’s of effort, big reward! I dialed my sister, (praying she was home), and when she answered I asked, “Sis, can you come up and get me out of the kitchen floor?” She’s only a few houses away; so I relaxed knowing she would be here in a short order. I stretched my legs out in front of me and just sat waiting. She stood behind me and reached under both arms to lift me. She had her flip flops on and darn if they didn’t make her slide right down behind me. So, there we both sit, with her legs stretched out beside my legs as if we were riding a sleigh down the hill in the snow. Well, low and behold she had called her husband who was up at Hardee’s having lunch. He came in the door and there we were sitting in the floor laughing like a couple of kids having fun!!! He just shook his head and grinned saying “you are a couple of goofy redheads”!

I’ve been falling due to Multiple Sclerosis for several years, and try to be careful, but that isn’t always enough. A couple of days later, my sister and I decided we wanted to go do a bit of shopping. She came to pick me up and it was just one of those days that my energy level wasn’t up to par. So, I got in with my strong leg but couldn’t lift my weak leg up into her SUV. She tried to help lift me up and in when her hand slipped and she somehow how slipped her hand up to my crotch area. Well, we both just looked at each other and busted out laughing...we both looked around and hoped to goodness no cars were going by to witness how foolish we must have looked. Thankfully, she tried again and off we went.

Then, the day came when I realized that I was going to have to make the decision to use mobility aids which so many of us with MS or other disabilities must come to terms with. I was with a friend and we needed to go into the drug store to pick up a prescription. I had my walker with me because I had taken it to use while visiting one of our close friends. We arrived and parked and I knew I was just too tired to walk without the support of my walker. I asked her “would it embarrass you if I use my walker”? She looked at me puzzled and replied “well of course not”. It was at that moment that I realized it was ME who was embarrassed. I had to decide then and there whether I was going to live the best quality of life possible by accepting my limitations and using whatever devices necessary to stay safe as I go from day to day.

Being able to laugh at myself on some occasions is truly a gift. I choose to live the best quality of life I can muster every day and hopefully seeing me out and about using my walker, wearing my brace, or using my scooter will encourage others to realize that learning a bit of humility can enrich our lives. It sure has mine.

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