Janetdear’s MS story

My MS Story
I had MS in my very young days but did not know. In my early 20’s I experienced my right eye only seeing in black and white. I went to a few Drs and they had no ideas, within a couple few months my vision went back to normal.

Shooting numbness down my side

Next, in my late 20’s I had shooting numbness down my entire left side whenever I bent my neck down. Again Drs, many tests, chiropractic etc, no answers and in several months this also went away. In between weird things like hives covering large portions of my body with no obvious reason.

Trouble swallowing

Early 30’s, I started having sporadic trouble swallowing, even water. Dr said allergies (?) weird answer. As always it also began to just disappear. I then seemed to be blessed and granted about 10 years to have two children with no memorable medical complaints but by middle 40’s I began with much dizziness and loss of balance.

Finally, an MRI

Talking to Drs about this started the MRI’s. Very, very slowly new symptoms appear and more tests are done. I have lost my gait and balance and have terrible left foot drop, I am unable to walk distances much further than the length of my driveway and that’s with a rollator for balance. Heat affects me badly. I always have hand and foot numbness and my bladder and bowel are nothing to depend on. I am now 55 with SPMS.

Trying to find a reason

I read the many opinions and studies printed about MS while applying what possibly fits into my story. I remember when I was 15 having a case of mononucleosis (EBV Epstein-Barr) so bad I was unable to leave my bed for weeks. For all my teen years especially I had some sort of stomach IBS type issue going on. I had food poisoning from the diner I worked at keeping a metal spoon in a can in the fridge and serving me a portion. I was in the hospital for that one. Also had another even more violent food poisoning attack after eating a box of chocolate pixies and I should have gone to the hospital.

Could there be a connection?

I believe the theories I have read that my body created some bacteria from these experiences that is attacking me. Would love to see the day this is verified and SUPER probiotic is created and MS is cured!

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