I'm so frustrated with everything right now.

Starting the process of SSD

I was diagnosed with MS when I was 27. I started to have major symptoms almost 3 years ago. I have worked all of my life, since 10 years when my dad past away. I'm now 55 and started the process of SSD on May 23rd, 2017. I was let go from my employer and I got another job and they let me go. My last 3 employers just said it was not working out. I was a Senior Loan Processor. 30 plus years.

Waiting for my fate to be decided

Now that I can't work, the only income is from my husband. We had to use his employer's health insurance and had to do the high deductible so that we could pay our bills. We ended up going into bankruptcy and discharged in 2018. I finally had my hearing on October 8, 2019. The judge was very mean, sarcastic, and had no compassion for me at all! I have been waiting for him to decide on my fate.

Relying on my husband's short-term disability

In the meantime, my husband just had 3 surgeries this month and now we need to rely on his short-term disability which, it is very hard for me to understand what needs to be done. I'm a mess to say the least. The only thing we have is our home.

So discouraged

What I'm very upset about is that one of my friend's sisters was diagnosed with MS and she applied for SSD and was approved 1st time. I'm feeling discouraged because I have done everything right. I'm so tired of hearing about what I'm supposed to do now and be patient and soon it will be good. I'm to the point that I am thinking about just quitting everything! Everyone says that God does not give you more than you can handle, well I think he has...

I just needed to have someone listen that knows what I m feeling.

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