Leaving My Stressful Job for a Much Better One

I was diagnosed at 31 - 10 months after I gave birth. I lost vision in my left eye and was put in the hospital for 4 days. After going thru the several tests, MRI's etc., I was seen by 4 neurologists and was told do not have any more children (I only have 1 daughter) otherwise I would be in a wheelchair.

Vision loss and steroids

Every 5 years I would lose vision in one or the other eyes, was hospitalized each time for 4 days, given steroids by IV and then released from the hospital and would take steroid tablets and weaned off of steroids for 11 days.

Always worked full time

I have always worked full time, even going thru this. I remember I was working for a company and I arranged to have the IV "Ball" (the ball was filled with steroids) be re-inserted into my arm (the IV became loose) by a visiting nurse service that came to the office I worked at - and the nurse and I went into a private office to do this. After about 10 minutes my supervisor knocked on the office door and came in and said, "How long is this going to take?" I just looked at her - like really.

The lengths a person with MS will go to

People do not understand what lengths a person with MS will do in order to take care of job responsibilities - I look back and shake my head. Employers/Supervisors have no idea how they affect really great employees - because they are limited in their thinking and understanding of MS or any illness. Unless it affects them or one of their loved ones or a friend - they just don't get it.

I became legally blind

While I continued to work there I became legally blind in my right eye and was using a magnifying glass to see the computer, even though my employer bought me a larger screen to look at. The accounting program we were using at the time did not accommodate the large characters I needed to be able to do my job at ease. It was extremely difficult to even work there after a while, the environment and culture of the office became toxic and was stressing me out.

Finding a less stressful job

After 10 years working at this job, I gave my 2 weeks notice (note you had to give 2 weeks notice, otherwise you would not get paid for any unused time) to my bosses and supervisor and told them I am stressed out and it is affecting my health. I already had another job lined up before I gave my 2 weeks notice. I am 53 years old and continue to work full time for a great employer. NO MORE STRESS, NO MORE BEING BROW BEATEN OR BE-LITTLED ON A DAILY BASIS - thank the good lord!!!!!!

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