MS Strong

I wrote this poem about my MS life for a poetry slam. It turns out the poetry slam had too few what I call poems. Although I did not win I was able to read my poem. I would like to share it now:

By: Lloyd Little

A burning sensation from my neck down my arm,
Like a stinger in football that did me no harm.
My first unknown symptom occurred in July,
To determine the cause I would try and try.
For eight long months I asked, what’s wrong with me?
There’s numbness and pain no one else can see.
When the neurologist called I turned to my wife,
“Honey, I’ll have MS for the rest of my life.”
It was 1986 when I took that call,
Today I’m still walking and standing tall.
When the pain and fatigue in my legs and feet,
Get too much for me my wife says “take a seat.”
Any treatments for MS state “it may or may not”
The mystery of progression is what I’ve got.
The symptoms worsen but at times take a break,
There are side effects with drugs so I do not take.
I‘ve been competitive my entire life,
"I can beat this,” I said to my wife.
My foe is MS, I am challenged in every way.
Yet I arise each morning to face a new day.
I use a cane if the walk is too long,
But I leave it home when I’m MS strong.
My opponent is a disease without a cure,
But it’s in for a battle of that I’m sure.
I fight MS daily, but I have a team with me,
My team is my wife, my friends, and my family.

Thank you for the opportunity to share my story and I wish the very best to all my MS friends. May you be positive in the challenges we all face.

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