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My dad, unfortunately, passed from a heart attack about a month ago at the age of 71. He had battled MS for the past 15 years of his life. He had such a great attitude. I miss him dearly. Dad had secondary progressive MS.

Feeling better than he had in 10+ years

The reason for this post is that approximately 4 months ago, Dad had a UTI and when tested it was some type of “superinfection.” Upon receiving the phone call to go to the ER to get treated intravenously, he did so and came home that evening better than he had been in 10+ years. This lasted several weeks. Energy, enthusiasm, mental clarity, you name it.

Superinfection antibiotics

We asked his GP if he could get another round of this treatment about a month later and the physician responded with a, “No, your dad would have to be diagnosed with still having this infection and we can’t be giving superinfection antibiotics to everyone, as this is a last line defense for the general public.”

Long, sustained benefits

I don’t want to get anyone’s hopes up, but I am convinced, concerning my dad, the treatment he received, at least temporarily kicked MS’s a## for several weeks. It also wasn’t the day of clarity or so that some dying people have days before their demise. This was immediate, long and sustained. Although he didn’t get up from his wheelchair and walk, he sure as heck benefited from this treatment.

I hope this helps someone and God speed to everyone that suffers from or has a loved one that suffers from this suck a## disease.

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