The MS Surprise

Despite living with MS almost 30 years, I am sometimes surprised by my symptoms.

I was "that" tired

I received an “MS surprise” a few days ago in Target. I knew it was a hot day and I knew I was tired. I needed a few things and had put off getting the items as long as I could. I wasn’t that tired, I told myself. When I arrived at the store and started wheeling myself down a long aisle, I realized I was “that” tired. I stopped to look at a colorful display of artificial flowers and wonder how I was going to make it down a long aisle to get a spatula and across the store to get food.

She offered to push me throughout the store

While I was strategizing, I heard someone call my name. It was Diane (not her real name). I’d hired Diane as my assistant while I was still employed as a teacher. Diane, with her calm demeanor and vast computer knowledge, was a miracle in the classroom and a miracle in Target. I hadn’t seen Diane since my last day at work almost three years ago. She offered to push me throughout the store to get every single item I needed. Diane helped me gather my bags at check out and waited with me until my ride arrived to take me home.

MS and people can still surprise you

I try to remember that MS can still surprise me. I also try to remember that people can surprise me, too.

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