Swimming Helps

I realize everyone is different, but I'll go out on a limb and say, SOME FORM OF WATER EXERCISE WILL HELP YOU.

A friend who witnessed my deteriorating mobility encouraged me to WALK in a pool - it's easier. That was a year ago. I did and it helped.

From the walking lane I saw others swimming laps and was determined to try. Before I could swim a stroke, I committed to a SWIM for MS fundraising event and said I would swim one lap a day for 30 days. That was 95 days ago. In a few days (day 100 = SHOWTIME!) I will swim for 2 hours nonstop while swimming all 30 at once. Actually, I hope to go 50 and shock my sponsors.

IN 7 YEARS NO MEDICINE, DOCTOR, OR THERAPY HAS BENEFITTED ME LIKE SWIMMING HAS. Again, everyone is different when it comes to MS. But look into it.

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