Take Care of Your Tootsies!

Hiya. Just wanted to offer a potential MS ‘life hack’ that I just discovered. I was diagnosed 18 years ago, and in all my years of neuro appointments, aside from general numbness, I’ve never had my toes or feet addressed. I have bad balance, a lot of spasticity, leg weakness, ataxia, etc.

Recently, I read an article about toes, toe spacers, and the importance of proper toe alignment for balance, gait, and ankle strength. I happened to have a cheapo pair of toe separators that I bought years ago for painting toe nails. After reading the article, I found them, put them on, and immediately had better balance. Win.

Another thing I have noticed is that I have less fatigue. Perhaps my using ‘wrong’ muscles for standing and walking was tiring me out quicker? Who knows... still, made me happy.

So I went online, bought myself some high rated pro toe spacers and a pair of wide toe box shoes. I am hopeful... Has anyone discovered anything similar?

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