My story, that's funny it's like E true MS story. I try to look at life different than I used to. I try and find humor in an otherwise tragic drama of Shakespearian proportion. A story that could be both sad and funny, either way you end up in tears. I was diagnosed in 1998, at the ambivalent age of 22. I was posing as a college student at the time. In my defense, I lived on the beach and played golf for free. So there is irony 1- I had it all - until MS took it. So since I wasn't going to live on the beach and play and teach golf for a living. I even was dating a gorgeous spit-fire of a girl that was way out of my league. But the rug was not so much yanked out from underfoot as was pulled by a string until all you are left with is a pile of thread. Looking back now as a treatment hardened 41 year old, that kid (me) was a fool. So that's like the dates on a tombstone, the beginning and the end. What I have even touched the dash, the middle the story! In the last 19 years I have been on more medication than I could ever remember. To put it in perspective, when I started on Copaxone it was so long ago the medicine would come in a powder that you would have to mix with saline then draw and inject. There was no pre-filled syringe no plastic thing that hides the needle so you just push a button and ta-da. Not in my day. At least now there are commercials on TV for MS meds, the press is good but the lovely young lady on the commercial I saw, looked like a world class athlete. It's like why not lose that bulky wheelchair and hike up that mountain. See now that could totally be funny if delivered the right way. I wanna be a sit-down comedian, I think some folks can relate to my self defecating style of comedy.

I recently finished Lemtrada in November of last year. It is supposed to be one of the more aggressive treatments currently available. The jury is still out as to its success or failure.

I'm not sure if I went off topic but we'll see ✌️

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