Thanksgiving 2014

Last updated: November 2014

I was diagnosed eleven years ago with MS. In the beginning things weren't that bad. Then my disease took a turn for the worst! I thought I was in a dream. My relapsing remitting turned to secondary progressive MS. I needed mobility aids to help me get around. My husband left me because I also have Crohn's disease. When I was diagnosed with MS, I think that was too much for him to handle. I now live in a two bedroom apartment because my daughter stuck by my side! She said I'll take care of you mom. I do like it here because everything is on one floor and easy for me.. I have fatigue many times, my speech gets slurred, my pain is unbelievable! But I am so thankful that I am here to write my story. I inject myself with a needle every night and that's ok. I have an illeostomy from the the Crohn's , so things get difficult for me. I keep a good attitude because I know in my heart there are people worse than me.. I try to do my excersizes every night.. I am not giving up! Someday someone will build me an ADA home that's more affordable. But for now, I say stay strong, be stubborn, take control of your illness as best you can! I'm hoping it will be worth it one day !! It's a disease that's hard to live with because we have to expect the unexpected. I can relate to a lot of stories that I have read! But let's all be thankful for being here and trying as best we can..

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