The 72,645 Dollar Question

I have been lucky enough to have good insurance. I still pay more than I'd like in co-pays and drug costs, but when your idea of a mid life crisis is buying a new walker rather than a red convertible you have learned to accept less. But I just got a bill for my first two Ocrevus infusions from September of '17. My insurance that had approved the treatment got bought by a bigger company who didn't authorize the treatment, so my claim is out there in limbo and considered self pay. That number is so big I can't even wrap my mind around it let alone come up with the money to pay for it. I'm letting the infusion center fight it out with UHC with my fingers crossed, but when I was diagnosed 24 years ago there was no treatment at all and I almost wonder if I was better off. Whoever thought needing to sell a kidney to pay for your chronic disease management was a good idea must have been smoking some of that grade A medical marijuana. Too bad my insurance doesn't cover that either.

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