The battle of MS

I was officially diagnosed 7/23 but had preliminary diagnosis in 2007.

Since that time my body has changed,(and not for the better).

I think the one thing about MS I do enjoy is the looks on peoples faces when they see me walk. You can see them talking to each other (" Wow, she must be either drunk or stoned. She would never pass a sobriety test"). Only to have them watch me get behind the wheel of a car. WOW is that funny! I am waiting to get pulled over and have to explain this to the cops.

I can hear it now...." No officer I have not had anything to drink. No officer I have not smoked any marijuana. No officer I have not taken any illegal drugs." Then the field sobriety test. THAT WILL BE FUN! I can see it now. step one straight. step 2 3 4 .....zigzagged. Then try and turn around..hahahaha.

I have to make light of this situation or I would go mad. I look at myself and wonder what happened to ME?

For those without MS please understand that I may walk different, talk different and act different but below this disease it is still me.

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