The Beginning....

My daughter began abusing alcohol, after giving up her son in 2008. Having found an enabler, she was already bipolar and schizophrenic. She drank to so much excess, she had to be put forcibly into an ambulance to receive treatment. By the time she was admitted, and after exploratory surgery for a supposed bowel obstruction....she contacted ARDS. She was a ventilator for breathing, intubated for food, her sodium was so out of balance....she almost died. She is 36 years old.

At my insistence, a neurologist was called in. They were going to release her much too early, due to no insurance. This DR. RAN TESTS and she was diagnosed with CENTRAL PONTINE MYELILIOSIS. It has many characteristics of MS. That is the reason I am on this site. It was discovered through much trial and error, that she has neuropathy....nerve pain. She is on Gabapentin....300 mgs. 3 times a day. It barely helps the pain. I have since become her caregiver, and have plans to actually register with an agency.

This disease has turned our worlds upside down....but they said that alcohol was the trigger for it. I suppose I'm looking not only for info, but moral support??
God Bless and may He give grace to everyone going through this

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