The Dark Black Dog & His Master.

I was diagnosed with MS 3.5 years ago. I think its only been the past few months that I have finally come to terms with that fact.

A fact, that's it... isn't it...?? you cant change it, you cant go back in time, you cant take something to make it go away and you get so, so, so crazy ANGRY that you just start spinning your life around until your head loses it and then you REJECT the answer...You IGNORE it and carry on as if there is nothing wrong except you party too hard and you know you cant see or feel properly and you end up crashing and burning so hard that it nearly breaks you, DEPRESSION, eating patterns all wrong, personality changing, weight gain, weight loss, ups down, screams shouts, anger and then you start to ACCEPT..Break it all down, change the way you behave, store your energy, eat well, sleep better, talk to more people, read, educate yourself, be patient, be careful, love, laugh and remember the FACT that you are poorly but you are ALIVE and you need to change and only YOU can do that.

Ive mastered it now, the dark dog comes out but I have him on a tight leash. Ive accepted that this is what it is. I have a wonderful LIFE to keep living for, my own business and a very loving kind and patient husband who has pulled me through my darkness and despair to face our future together.

I wanted to share my feelings, I read these blogs and newsletters with everyone always sounding so positive, for me it has taken a few years to get to that point, I wondered how long it took for you to absorb your diagnosis emotionally? x

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