The Friday

I was sitting in my car in front of the neurologists' office. It was mid-November 2010 and I had been told by these lovely people that I had MS. Actually, I told them what I had, and they confirmed it, as far as they could.

MRIs, spinal tap, tests galore, electric impulses sent through my feet (that was a favorite from the Inquisition) and they were confused. Imagine how I felt. "Look,"I said, "this is the same thing that my father had when he was in his mid 50s. He lasted four years." Primary Progressive MS - no relapse - like this or worse from now on.I left and sat in my car, and then called my wife, and told her. There was a method to my madness. This gave her time to think about it, and look up the information online.

When I got home, we could sit and rationally talk about what was next. Over 4 full years have come and gone since I first felt the changes in December 2009. I'm still here, and doing OK. Water therapy, writing, exercise, and engaging with others in community groups has kept me moving, plus the angels who help me in all areas. In my water therapy, I dance in the warm lapping waves. Keep dancing.

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