The Memories Season

The day is nearly upon us. The pretty papers tightly engulfing numerous boxes of assorted gifts beneath a tree adorned.

That day, of this season, evokes many emotions within us. While it is meant to be a time of worship, goodwill and appreciation, for so many of us including myself it serves as a memory of what has been lost. Loved ones, dear friends existing in our hearts and minds and no longer are we able to enjoy their company. No wonder the frustration and sadness experienced; sometimes momentarily, but sometimes lingering beyond and infringing on the expected joy of this yearly celebration.

For some also like me, an additional potential downer to the loss of beloved people in our past, this time brings about memories of us, as we used to be, before MS. The abilities to act out our joy in physical ways as done earlier on may have diminished greatly, or just enough to put a damper on our fire, our holiday spirits. Memories like these can make us have an all or nothing feeling. Hopefully not, for logically we know the good that is intended for this occasion. Hopefully, just maybe we can turn our new and or different cloudy circumstances into one with a tinsel colored lining. We with MS have after all, grown into people with strong will and faith and have come to understand the sheer greatness and beauty of so many of the simple things that so many others fail to appreciate. These things have nothing to do with glittery trees and shiny presents, but of genuine smiles, and the sharing of laughter. Heartfelt hugs and the most seemingly minimal physical gestures a human can offer to caringly connect with another.

So this week and on that day I am going to try, as I recall my Pre-MS Christmases, to also call to mind that I am still here with the living. Those that I love and that love me, for who I am today. And that we have the ability together to make beautiful meaningful memories in the here and now.

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