The Odyssey

I was diagnosed in 1987 so this is my 30 year anniversary with MS. In 87 I was working for my Dad in his shop. He made school uniforms and I worked wherever I could. I did things like help customers, went out on fittings and bagged the uniforms and a few other things. The summer was an extremely hot one. and there was no air conditioning only fans, Well I was bagging some uniforms and went numb from my toes to my waist. I did not panic I thought it was just a pinched nerve and it would pass. The next day I went numb to the top of my head, now it was time to panic and I went to see my family doc and he sent me to a neurologist, He sent me for an MRI and the conclusion was that I definitely had MS.

The next two years were awful, It seemed like I was having one relapse after another. I was on Prednisone constantly and we all know what that is like mood swings, constantly hungry and basically miserable. It was during this period I had to plan my son's Bar Mitzvah. I don't remember much of it at all except for the outfit my Mom knit for me and the hall we had it at. Today that is a bummer and I have no pictures of it. After the two years things sort of settled down.

There was the unexpected relapses but I never stopped doing the things I had to do. Sadly I stopped going to my sons (I have been blessed with two sons) baseball games because I could not be in the heat. My now ex-husband was of little help to me. He did the laundry for a few months and then announced he was done with that. I followed him around putting the information about MS for over a month and he never even looked at it or asked any thing about MS. We divorced after our 20 year anniversary. The I found out he believed I was lying about having MS and I was just being lazy. I never knew that until our divorce in 1993. If he had only talked to me or went just once to a neurologist appointment with me.

There is so much more but this would become a novel so let us skip to the present. My symptoms today are numb finger, dead feet numb to my knees and short term memory am, my son Loren is my caregiver by his own choice. I have four grandchildren and my best friend of 62 years is always there for me which is easy because we live together and Loren lives with us also.

Well I can tell you I count my blessings everyday and I have many. In spite of having MS my life is doing just fine. I have a goal that I would like to start a friends group so we can share our experiences and ideas about having MS.

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