The Realization

My name is Deborah, and I have had MS for the past 20 years. It began after completing a sponsored walk when I felt weak down one side. On a trip to my general practitioner's office, I explained what had happened, and my GP signed me off work.

Sharing all the details with my GP

I realized that I had other symptoms that I had not shared so I went back to my GP and told him the issues with my bladder, vision, and fatigue. I was then referred to my neurologist, who identified MS. My mindset was that my consultant had not given me anything. I already had it, he was just giving it a name. I continued to work full-time as a university lecturer and mother to 4 daughters. It was only when I started having seizures and a minor stroke that reality hit me, and I had to slow down at work.

Life began to change

In reality, I had a full year of regaining my speech and walking ability. Slowly I realized I could work no more, and through occupational health, my consultant signed off my work, retiring on the grounds of ill health and not working again. I have had to adjust to a life I had not envisioned. During this time, my husband passed away, aged at 51 years. I have to monitor what I do to ensure I am the best I can be.

I am lucky that I have a very close family and three grandchildren. I believe the most important ability I have that enables me to live with MS is a positive mental attitude. Life is different but just as fruitful. I have lots of time I didn’t have before, and I choose how to use it wisely. Life is for living, and every day is special in some way. I pray everyone with MS can adapt to life and have a positive mental attitude.

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