The Yuckage

Though a positive attitude is best in most, if not all matters, unfortunately, I'm constantly reminded of the cons of living with MS. I refer to those cons as the "Yuckage". MS is referred to as the 'snowflake disease' so I'm aware that my yuckage may differ from others, but sometimes I find it comforting to share, compare and see how my fellow fighters get paste their yuckage.

Some things that make me go YUCK!

  • 340 (Diagnosis code for Multiple Sclerosis)
  • Buildings that aren't handicapped accessible
  • Invisible bugs on my head, arms and legs
  • Planning as if for a trip for a simple outing
  • MS treatment commercials that show the MS'er in apparent tip top physical condition

My response relative to some things that make me go YUCK!

  • NOOO!!! WHYYYY?!

What I tell myself relative to some things that make me go YUCK!


There are meds that slow the progression of MS - and the Bible tells me that all sickness is not unto death.

Be a tattletale!

There are advocates to assist the disabled in these instances and more. For instance, contact your local ADA.

Appointment time!

Contact your Neuro because a nerve prescription (Naproxen) may just be your 'insect repellent'!

Be like Nike and just do it!

Make the necessary preparations and look at the glass as 1/2 full as opposed to 1/2 empty... remember that some MS'rs are bedridden.

This is easy!

Grab your remote, place your forefinger on the channel up or down button, click once. New station... annoyance gone.

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