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I remember the day of my initial diagnosis with alarming clarity. It was May 27th 2014. The Neurologist (and what a long, misdiagnosed ride it had been to even see a consultant, but I digress), pointed at an MRI scan of my head on the screen.
"That is water in the brain, that's normal."
Then she indicated five or six tiny white lines at the rear/ side of my brain. "But these are not ."
I remember thinking how could something so small be so horribly devastating.
She diagnosed PPMS, with the caveat that I had probably been exhibiting symptoms for at least five years. I was already using walking sticks, and have become sadly more dependent on such walking aids. I exercise constantly, especially when fatigued. I refuse to let this thing win. It's a struggle - especially that I take no medications. Fighting the battle without getting angry - that's hard!

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