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I am 58 years old and just found out after a accident that I had a shadow on my neck and my slured speaking that I may have MS. The first doctor did not want to commit to it, so after I asked his secretary for the name of a specalist the doctor she gave me took one look at my MRI and said this is MS. Now I know why sometimes I do not speak right; why, even after an energy drink I am still so tired. I am also clumsy, and my leg seems to want to quit working. But at least now I know there is a reason for all this. And yes I tend to change the subjects with lighting speed. It has also made me very introverted. I quit taking the tecfidera because of flushing. I tried telling my doctor but he said try taking it with this or that. This or that didnt work, guess I need to find a new Doctor. I live alone and try to stay in shape so i can continue to live alone.

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