To anyone with MS or has a close friend with MS

My close friend has progressive MS.

I'm 43 & she is 41.

I want to help her in so many ways; sometimes I feel helpless & let her just cry on my shoulder & hold her tight & tell her I love her.

I need to know what else I can do?
Where can I go to get a good supply of adult diapers?
Can I donate blood? (I have a very healthy blood)

She is the type of person to get up & go out to the laudrymat to wash all her comforters & sit in a soaking wet diaper, BUT won't call me/anyone for that matter, for help.

I like to say "just for company"/"someone to talk to".

The word "HELP" seems to be a bad word.

Do others feel like this?

Thanks for your time,


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