Totally though it was a tumor, sometimes wish it was

It will be one year since I was diagnosed, I experienced headaches that felt localized in different parts of my head, I never considered them migraines, but the doctors did. I had begun to me "spacy", forgetful, and my boyfriend at the time noticed it. I went to the ED after having a few car mishaps in a 3 week time frame, I misjudged the distance between the concrete parking structure, thus giving myself a jolt, then I bumped into my porch pretty good, and finally I pulled in a little crooked to the gas pump, made a mental note of it for when I drive away to be careful, which I completely forgot in the 4 minutes it took to pay for the gas, and yep, I sideswiped the whole backdoor. It gets worse, I forgot that I did this until while looking out the window I saw my car and told my boyfriend "holy crap, I forgot I sideswiped my car". Went to the ED, CAT scan normal, MRI abnormal, saw a Neurologist who was the worst people person on earth, did the million tests, spinal tap and I was told I have MS. (Oh, while waiting for the results my boyfriend of 8 years left me for his dead brothers widow.) It's been a tornado from then on... Sorry for long vent.

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