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Diagnosed 2003 in hindsight had symptoms for a few years prior. Have SPMS had 2 UTI’s last one significant very sick 8 wks in hospital 3 days ICU!! Had Rebif then course of Mitoxantrone nothing since 2008. Neurologists don’t seem all that helpful once you become “progressive“. About to start Biotin I found out after asking neuro if there was anything I could take “try Biotin” he says! Had venoplasty for blocked jugulars (CCSVI) Melbourne Australia 2012 brilliant results but only lasted a week so assume I restenosed looking at stem cells.

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  • Tracy author
    4 years ago

    Ocrelizumab Is this available in Australia my Dr not mentioned it

  • Lisa Emrich moderator
    4 years ago


    Your search for therapy despite SPMS is admirable. I hope that you and your neuro find a way to improve your symptoms. I don’t know if you read about it or not, but recent research demonstrated an experimental treatment (ocrelizumab) to be effective against progressive MS. This is great hope in the MS community that this treatment may help people. Ocrelizumab is almost identical to rituximab which has been used for years for a variety of diseases including lymphoma and rheumatoid arthritis. Definitely something to discuss at your next appointment.

    Good luck,

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