Tragedy and Positivity

On the day of June 26, 2010, I went to a fun park named Holiday World. I had a good I got home. There was a feeling that I couldn't walk, there was also a constipation in my stomach. Then, all of a sudden just stopped for a few years. Next, on July 4th, 2016 me and my family went to the park to see fireworks. We had a good time I'll say. Leaving the park the tragic moment started. Going to the car, was very harsh. Only because eyes were staring at me, because I was walking like I was under the influence of alcohol.

Then, we got home, but the next day was very different. We go to the hospital, get an MRI, and go see a neurologist. He then hits us with bad news. He said, "you are diagnosed with MS." I'm like, wtf is that, but I figured that it was an autoimmune disease.

So, as from that day I've been living with MS for two years and it's been kind of harsh. Like, I can't really hang with friends anymore. I can't really go outside anymore or I can't even stand on the porch because of the heat. But I still stay that I will achieve everything and do all I can to get to those achievements.

I'm only 18. I'm about to be a graduate. And many people are proud of me because I've gotten through all of these obstacles. But I know that it's not over. Like at this point MS is causing me to use a wheelchair or walker or even a cane some days. Now, the only thing I look at is staying positive. Even putting myself first. But, the only thing I look forward to the MS not taking is my skills of creative thinking and drawing. Always believe you can do it if you put your mind to it. That's my story.

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