My MS is Ganging Up on Me!! 😞


You all have not heard from me in a long time. In August, 2 weeks after my birthday, I slipped in the shower on some water and broke my left ankle.

When I fell, I held my head and protected it. And landed in a sitting position, with my back to the bathtub on my butt with legs outstretched.

My ankle was broken

Due to my weakness, I knew I could not get up, but to my horror l discovered something more startling. I held up my left knee and watch my ankle swinging from side to side. This was a little startling, as I realize my ankle was broken. Called my husband, who came home immediately from work. I lifted my knee up for him to see the swinging ankle. He immediately called 911.

My right leg was no longer weight-bearing

Luckily, I had no pain and rescue arrived in two minutes. Since I am a sizable woman I was concerned that the two EMS techs would not be able to get me down the stairs of my townhouse. The female EMS tech, talked to me in the bathroom alone, as she realized I was naked. She got me a shirt to put over my body. She indicated that she called one of the big EMS trucks. This truck was staffed with four very strong men and I felt better about being transported down the stairs and out the house to the waiting gurney.

I went to the emergency room, had a splint put on my ankle and was told I did not need immediate surgery. Surgery was scheduled but to my surprise, my right leg, which had always been my strong leg was no longer weight-bearing.

Trauma can travel

After leaving the hospital, I went to a short term nursing facility (SNIF). I have been there for 5 almost 6 weeks. My physical therapist indicated that trauma can travel, and that is most likely why my right leg failed me. Since I had been having mobility problems recently due to MS, she indicated that that’s probably why my right leg was not working properly!

The trauma on my left leg transferred to my right leg

She was familiar with MS and suggested the trauma on my left leg had transferred to my right leg. That seemed to make sense to me. My neurologist worked through this hospital and came to visit me. And the orthopedic surgeon knew I had the comorbidity of MS, however his concern was correcting my left ankle, which he did!!! So now I have pins on both sides of my ankle, as well as plates on each side. Luckily, I have experienced no pain which the orthopedic surgeon confirmed I didn’t damage any ligaments or tendons. To this day I have had very minimal pain.

So this is why I say my MS is ganging up on me!!! And my physical therapist worked very hard with me to get my right leg back to its original strength so that I could continue the healing process.

Thank you for reading and have a good 😌 day!!!’ Take care, Lisa

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