My Treatment Experience

Am new here but thought I’d share a few things about me and my MS. Diagnosed about 12 years ago. Started on Copaxone, then on to Betaseron and went on to Tysabri.

Rituximab seemed to help

Nothing worked. Positive for JC virus after about a year and a half on Tysabri. They pulled me off. Sent to doctors at UT Southwest for a second opinion. Went on to Rituximab and it seemed to help with my loss of vision and no new lesions on MRI.

I tried Ocrevus...

When insurance didn’t want to pay for Rituximab but would pay for Ocrevus... I tried it. I had horrible problems with Ocrevus. Doctor wanted me to try it one more time, with doubling up on pre-meds. Again, slowing rate which took all day and knocking me out... still was bad. Insurance agreed to do Rituximab again and quickly had it. Haven’t been the same since the Ocrevus. It works for some... I’m just not one of them. Being positive for JC virus still concerns me with PML.

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