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I am 51 and was diagnosed with RRMS at age 50.

My experience is not unlike many others. I am skilled in two fields that i love over the road: truck driver and network tech (POS and communications). I have been in almost all the lower 48 states and most of the major cities. I climbed telephone poles, strung wire and installed equipment. Drove 18 wheel trucks starting at age 23 until last year. I raised 2 children and have a handful of grandchildren.

I was on a truck asleep in my sleeper after recovering from bronchitis and a bout with strep at 50! I woke up from my sleeper berth and my hole right side was nub and tingling. I am a big strong proud American Norseman, I did not let any thing stand in my way- I would find away around or I would muscle my way through. Thinking nothing of it I continued to work. It was not long before the other symptoms came into play. Next was my eyes then a pain cross my shoulders through my chest. The pain scared me into the doc's office. Checked me out found nothing. Went back to work, taking my now ex with me for fear of another attack I started having really bad pains in my feet and legs. Went back to the doctors where they sent me back to work, they found nothing. Now as I said, I was in disbelief that any thing could be wrong with me, I was strong and healthy. Then on a hot day i was walking across the parking lot of a truck stop. I found that I could not move my legs just as if they decided to go on strike or something. My peripheral vision failed me and I almost pulled in front of another on coming truck. After that the ex pleaded with me please go back to the doctor something is wrong. I was having trouble thinking and now keeping my balance.

This time the doctor sent me for an MRI. Then to confirm I went through a gamut of tests. The finale result MS R&R.

I was told that i would not be able to drive and should find another profession. I told them hell you say....but they were right. I soon found it hard to stay awake and climb stairs, put on my underclothes with out falling over. Started taking BetaSeron injection and a very large dose of steroids to bring the swelling down in my head. This worked, I am still taking the injection every other day I still deal with the symptoms good days and bad.

The most difficult pill to swallow was that I will not ever be the man I use to be. Still with the gung-ho spirit that is me, I am now trying to reinvent myself, have as much fun as possible. I now live each day by day and thank my almighty God for it.

Blessings to you all thanks for reading my story.

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